“My Pillow” Guy at CPAC: Donald Trump is the Best Because He “Was Chosen by God” February 28, 2019

“My Pillow” Guy at CPAC: Donald Trump is the Best Because He “Was Chosen by God”

Mike Lindell, the guy known to TV audiences as the “My Pillow” guy, also happens to be a conservative Christian activist. During a talk at the right-wing CPAC event this morning, he told the crowd that Donald Trump was “chosen by God” and that’s why he’s so amazing.

… Now we go back in time to 2016, and I see myself in divine appointments, and one was especially important. Donald Trump invited me to meet him at Trump Tower in New York City. I walked into his city with high hopes on August 15, 2016. I walked out of that office after meeting with him, and I knew God had chosen him for such a time as this.

God answered our prayers, our millions of prayers, and gave us grace, and a miracle happened on Nov. 8, 2016. We were given a second chance and time granted to get our country back on track with our conservative values and getting people saved in Jesus’ name.

As I stand before you today, I see the greatest president in history. Of course he is. He was chosen by God.

Leave it to the guy who paid out nearly $1 million for false advertising to be the arbiter of good judgment.

Maybe my pillows are uncomfortable, but I sleep easier at night knowing I don’t have to justify the actions of this administration.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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