Anti-Abortion TN Lawmaker Sees Nothing Evil in Hypothetical Child Rape Scenario February 26, 2019

Anti-Abortion TN Lawmaker Sees Nothing Evil in Hypothetical Child Rape Scenario

Tennessee Republican State Rep. Micah Van Huss, the same Christian theocrat who wants to change the state’s Constitution to include a shout-out to his personal God, is also the sponsor of an anti-abortion bill (HB 77) that would ban the procedure in the state as soon as a heartbeat is detected in the fetus.

As critics have long pointed out, a heartbeat can be detected at approximately six weeks of pregnancy; in some cases, that’s before a woman even knows she’s pregnant. Van Huss is effectively pushing legislation that would ban abortion in the state if and when the Supreme Court even overturns Roe v. Wade.

Earlier today, during a discussion of the bill in the House’s Health Committee, State Rep. Vincent Dixie (a Democrat) raised a hypothetical issue to point out that flaw in the bill.

Take a look at the cruel, vindictive, heartless way Van Huss responds at the end.

DIXIE: You stated earlier that you know what evil looks like. I want to see if you can find the evil in this scenario.

Let’s say you are a 15-year-old girl in high school who’s an athlete. And you’re raped by your teacher or coach. And you are feeling some shame, responsibility from the weight that is preventing you from confiding in anyone, even your parents and friends. So you’re trying to forget and make your life seem normal. Going to class. Spending time with friends. And you miss your first monthly period.

And now you’re terrified that you’re pregnant. So you finally get the courage to buy a pregnancy test, and the result is your worst fear: you’re pregnant.

So by the time you go to the doctor, six or seven weeks after the rape, and a fetal heartbeat is detected, Representative Van Huss, are you willing to put into law that this girl has to carry her rapist’s baby while trying to finish high school, abandon her sports team, and see her rapist every day?

VAN HUSS: Thank you, Mr. Chairman, and thank you for the question, Rep. Dixie. You asked if I could find the evil in this scenario. I cannot.

Child rape? Not evil.

Ruining a girl’s life? Whatever.

Forcing her to live with evidence of that trauma against her will? Who cares.

Van Huss added later that the fetus shouldn’t be punished for the rape… while showing no compassion whatsoever for the girl’s life he was ruining in the process. Typical.

That’s the conservative Christian stance on these issues. Circumstances never matter, and fetal rights take precedence over any actual suffering. You can see the full clip here beginning at the 26:39 mark.

By the way, his bill passed through that committee earlier today, 15-4. It wasn’t even close.

(Thanks to @AmyLowry18 for the link)

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