Rick Wiles: Trump is Decriminalizing Homosexuality Because He’s “Owned” by Jews February 22, 2019

Rick Wiles: Trump is Decriminalizing Homosexuality Because He’s “Owned” by Jews

Did you know that Donald Trump wants to decriminalize homosexuality because he’s apparently “owned by the Jews”? Me neither. But that’s the theory being spun by Christian TV host Rick Wiles on his “TruNews” show Tuesday night.

Wiles was responding to the news that the Trump administration was moving to decriminalize homosexuality around the world. (Trump himself was unaware of this, and the move has been widely seen as a way to hurt Iran rather than support LGBTQ rights.)

Warning Trump that “God cannot bless your administration” because it is “promoting something that God says is an abomination,” Wiles, who is deeply anti-Semitic and dedicates many of his programs to railing against Israel and the Jews, predicted that Trump’s evangelical advisers would hold their tongues on this issue because Israel is their top priority.

“The real reason they won’t say anything is because the real agenda is Israel,” he said. “They’re not going to jeopardize their standing with the White House to get things done for Israel. That’s the real reason.”

Wiles went on to declare that “the Jews” are ultimately behind this push and the Trump administration is simply doing what it is told because the Jews “control Washington” and have “control of the Trump administration.”

“Donald Trump is owned by the Jews,” he said. “That’s the truth.”

I guess Wiles has no idea that the majority of American Jews are liberal Democrats. They don’t “own” Trump; they’re repulsed by him.

It’s telling that Wiles’ God would have a bigger problem with the supposed advocacy of LGBTQ rights than, say, Russian collusion. But, hey, the Jews have long been a very convenient — if not completely unoriginal — scapegoat.

This isn’t the first time Wiles has made outrageous and baseless claims. Just in the past year, he’s said that Satan is the father of all non-Christians, an ice age that wipes out humanity would be good since abortions would end, that Democrats would “exterminate all opposition,” and a “Brown invasion” was erasing White America. He’s also said that liberals will go on a murderous rampage by burning down churches if they won the midterms (we won but that didn’t happen), Queen Elizabeth was a satanic lizard (yes, really), and that Satan is using Pokémon to murder Christians (again, hasn’t happened). Noticing a trend?

That should tell you just how seriously to take Wiles’ claims.

(via Right Wing Watch and Joe. My. God.)

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