Christians Who Rationalize God’s Biblical Atrocities Can Justify Anything February 20, 2019

Christians Who Rationalize God’s Biblical Atrocities Can Justify Anything

God kills a lot of babies in the Bible. Lots of them. For no good reason at all.

So how do Christian apologists explain it? Simple. They make up their own justifications for why God might have done it. But that in itself is problematic, because if they can use God to justify those atrocities, what else do they think they can get away with?

In this video from DarkMatter2525, he shows how accepting God as an excuse just opens the door to a place we don’t want to go.

But without God, how could we have morality? the apologists wonder. The main character in the video answers that in this powerful monologue around the 6:38 mark:

In a world without God, we must then justify ourselves to the people we effect — our fellow human beings. And if we can’t, then it is up to them to forgive us, rehabilitate us, make us pay restitution, and/or punish us.

We’d be at the mercy of very real, tangible consequences that don’t rely upon the easily manipulated claims of what an unseen deity says or thinks, nor can we rely on the existence of an afterlife to provide us with justice. So we must, therefore, strive to create a just world in the here and now.

Since that is what we try to do, maybe deep down we don’t really believe.

Maybe that’s why we don’t just abandon justice to a God in an afterlife, but desperately try to seek justice in this life, before death.

Maybe that’s why we painfully grieve, rather than rejoice, when a loved one supposedly goes to Heaven.

Maybe that’s why we think more about things like traffic and sports than the Bible. Why we know more about our favorite show than what the literal Creator of the Universe supposedly wants us to know.

Maybe that’s why we don’t really fear God enough to stop us from doing bad things.

Maybe our actions speak louder than our words, and we behave like God doesn’t exist because, deep down, we don’t really believe He does.

I don’t know how many religious people would agree with the suggestion that they don’t really have the courage of their convictions, but they sure act like they don’t. It’s been providing daily fodder for this site for years.

(via DarkMatter2525)

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