25% of Americans Wrongly Think God Wanted Trump to Become President February 14, 2019

25% of Americans Wrongly Think God Wanted Trump to Become President

A FOX News poll found that 25% of Americans believe God wanted Donald Trump to become president, echoing comments Sarah Huckabee Sanders made a couple of weeks ago.

Or to put it another way, 25% of Americans are confident in their speculation about the political thoughts of a fictional being. (We are not a smart people.)

Also interesting is that only 55% of white evangelical Christians agreed that God wanted a Trump presidency. 31% said God didn’t. How is it possible that those people believe God is all-knowing and all-powerful… yet had no control over an election?

That said, there are also progressive Christians who would argue God doesn’t make mistakes and would likely say God wanted Trump in the White House because of “mysterious ways” and all. So the 25% number includes people who aren’t thrilled about his presidency.

Here’s an idea, though: To all those Christians who believe God wants Trump in the White House, do the rest of us a favor and just don’t vote in 2020. Let God take care of Trump’s re-election. The rest of us can vote for his opponent. If your faith is strong, then my side can’t possibly win, right?

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