Because Your Glasses Are Obviously Made By Satan, Here’s Some Christian Eyewear February 8, 2019

Because Your Glasses Are Obviously Made By Satan, Here’s Some Christian Eyewear

Did you know you can buy Jesus-tinted glasses… or at least frames with Bible verses printed on them?

Because the problem with your current pair of glasses is that they’re just not holy enough.

Jim and Amy Schneider started Eyes of Faith 10 years ago. Their vision was to create stunning eyewear with inspiring messages on each style. Now, the first Christian eyewear company continues to blaze a trail by offering new ways to purchase their designer glasses and sunglasses, making them accessible to virtually anyone throughout the U.S.

For the past decade, EOF’s wholesale eyewear business among eye doctors has grown immensely, with high-quality eyewear that features custom details, the latest fashion trends, and most importantly, uplifting Bible verses. The Biblical scriptures printed inside every frame are a faithful reminder to wearers to focus on God’s vision and to “See Life” through Eyes of Faith.

Better glasses won’t help if your mind is warped into thinking the Bible is the ideal guidebook for life. There’s also a delicious irony in that these products inadvertently correct God’s terrible design for the human eye. But if customers could plaster their own Bible verses on them, maybe this would be worth it…

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