WI Supreme Court Candidate Once Said LGBTQ Rights Would Lead to Legal Bestiality February 1, 2019

WI Supreme Court Candidate Once Said LGBTQ Rights Would Lead to Legal Bestiality

Brian Hagedorn, a candidate for the Wisconsin Supreme Court, once wrote on a blog that legalizing homosexual acts would lead to legal bestiality. The evangelical Christian also called Planned Parenthood a “wicked organization” that cared more about “killing babies” than “helping women.” The title of that post? “Another reason why I hate Planned Parenthood.”

Subtlety is not one of his strong suits.

Oh. And he also said people who accept the Christian God are “better” than ones who don’t.

All of this calls his judgment into question… which is a problem when the entire job revolves on his ability to be a good judge.

If he’s ultimately elected, he would at least have to recuse himself from all cases involving LGBTQ rights and reproductive freedom, right? Of course not. He’s an evangelical judge. He wants power, not responsibility.

Asked about the blog posts, Hagedorn’s campaign issued a lengthy statement from political adviser Stephan Thompson.

Thompson said Hagedorn’s personal views would not affect his actions on the high court.

“When he put on the robe, Judge Hagedorn took an oath to be impartial and apply the law on every case, and he will always be faithful to that oath and to the people he serves,” Thompson said in the statement. “He believes personal political values have no place on the Supreme Court and his job is to say what the law is, not what he thinks the law should be.”

It must be good to be a Christian and think you can lie every time you speak because God will forgive you…

No reasonable person should assume Hagedorn would ever support LGBTQ rights or abortion, no matter what legal precedent was, if he had the opportunity to overturn them. He’s not interested in the law. He’s eager to put his religious beliefs into practice at the highest possible level.

Good luck finding a single decision he’s made as a state appeals court judge that goes against his personal religious beliefs. In a series of responses to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Hagedorn gave copy/pasted responses to a number of questions about specific statements he had made on his website. He constantly said he wouldn’t recuse himself from cases because “his personal views are irrelevant to his job as a judge.” If that were true, then we should hire robots for all courts. Of course personal views matter. And Hagedorn has made it clear that Jesus wants him to be a bigot.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court currently leans conservative with a 4-3 majority. This particular seat would replace one of the liberal judges, so liberals are hoping Judge Lisa Neubauer defeats Hagedorn so they can simply maintain the status quo. The election is April 2.

(via Joe. My. God.)

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