Candidate for Mayor of Rome (NY) Wants To Make It a “City of God” January 31, 2019

Candidate for Mayor of Rome (NY) Wants To Make It a “City of God”

A guy who just re-announced his campaign to run for mayor of Rome, New York has a platform of making Rome a “City of God.”

David Mattoon first announced his plans to run last year, ditched them to run for State Senate, then couldn’t even get enough signatures to get placed on the ballot. So now he’s running for mayor again, while doing everything he can to alienate rational people from voting for him.

His campaign announcement last week was all about putting “God First.”

I am officially announcing my intent to run for Mayor of Rome.

Rome will become known as the City that puts God First.
A City of God.

We will be a centerpiece for hope. An example for other cities to follow. A light in the darkness. A much needed light that will spread throughout New York State and the country. As they witness first hand the blessings that are poured upon a city that puts God First.

Uh-huh. Sure. And what exactly does that entail? Well, he just released his platform and he sounds like the elementary school bully running on a campaign of no homework and longer recess, saying whatever it’ll take to get votes without actually displaying any understanding of how governing works.

1. God First
My administration will pray regularly for guidance. Will seek regular prayer and counsel from the Rome Clergy.
-Start the discussion for /work with the Rome School Board, Corporation Counsels Office to have the Bible as an option to be taught in the Rome school system for parents and students who voluntarily agree.
-To have volunteer Pastors available to the schools to provide guidance and insight to the students. Once again, for students and parents of the students who voluntarily agree.
2. Will have public forums for citizens of Rome to have a say and offer their crucial insight before any major decisions are made for their city.
3. War on taxes!! A strategic, safe, and logical approach to cutting waste. This coupled with creating new revenue streams. Streams created through attracting businesses, attractions, and getting people to move to and stay in Rome.
4. Fun, Fun, and Fun!!! Your ideas are crucial Rome.

Some of that is frivolous. Some of that is just idiotic. A lot of that is downright illegal. Local governments aren’t extensions of local churches. There’s no reason city officials should be getting counsel from clergy members instead of, say, experts who know what they’re talking about.

More to the point, Mattoon never explains what his platform should mean for people who don’t believe in God or who don’t believe in his God. Does he not care about them? Does he not need their vote? Or does he plan to just push his God on everyone regardless of their beliefs?

And how would he react if a Muslim mayoral candidate attempted to run on an identical platform?

I posed those questions to him yesterday, and his response (slightly edited for clarity below) was far more subdued than his platform suggested:

I believe we can all agree that “loving your neighbor as yourself” is a good thing for everyone in a community.

All of this is based on love and free will. Meaning, I believe as a state and country we need to turn back towards god. The lord has his hands out and arms open wide. He will meet you right where you are at. The choice is completely the peoples. They can choose who and what I am representing or they do not have to. Praise god we have a democracy in this wonderful country of ours.

As a country we are very interested in if someone made a mistake 10 years ago or even 20. However, I believe the very essence of our character can be found in what a person believes.

I completely respect and love all people, regardless of race, religion, creed or position. So, whether it be a Muslim who was running for public office or some other religion, I would show compassion, love and respect.

We do not all have to agree on everything. However, we should all be able to get along and work together for the common good.

I thank god for this wonderful country and all of the people in it. God created us all in his image. He created us all equal. We are all beautiful.

That’s… a pleasant way to ignore my questions about whether he would support a Muslim saying the same stuff he is, or what non-Christians should think of his platform.

So I asked again. His response was no more clear.

I have to be true to myself and most importantly to my lord Jesus Christ (the father, the son, and the Holy Spirit).

As a Christian man I am running for Mayor advocating for what I know to be truth. That is why I am advocating for the Bible. However, I have to make perfectly clear as I do not want to pervert the ways of god. This is all based on free will. I would like the Bible to be presented as an option to kids in school. Meaning, the student as well as the parent would have to agree to take it. I would just make the option available. Same thing for volunteer Pastors in the School. They will be there, however, it is completely up to the student and parent of the student as to whether or not they get utilized.

If there were a Muslim candidate running for Mayor it would be his choice to base his platform on what he chooses too. Then in the end, it would be the will of the people to decide on putting him/her in office based on the platform he/ she presented.

Also, in regards to regular prayer and counsel from the Rome Clergy for my administration.
I would never ask someone to participate against their free will.
Also, I would never judge or base hiring for the city on a person’s religion.

I hope this helps. Any more questions please do not hesitate.

Another point I would like to make. I am being completely honest about my intentions before I take office.(in Jesus name). As a voter that is exactly what I would want my candidate to be. As opposed to finding out after the fact.

All the glory to god.

God bless you, Rome, America and the people of the world.

He wouldn’t base hiring decisions on someone’s religion, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t impose his faith throughout the administration.

This guy is a walking lawsuit waiting to happen if the people elect him.

This should be an easy decision for Rome citizens. The same people who didn’t sign his petition for State Senate have every reason to ignore him once again. He’s eager to lead the local government in order to advance his personal faith. That’s the wrong reason to run for public office.

(Image via Facebook. Thanks to Joe for the link)

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