Franklin Graham Refuses to Acknowledge Any of Donald Trump’s 8,158 Lies (So Far) January 30, 2019

Franklin Graham Refuses to Acknowledge Any of Donald Trump’s 8,158 Lies (So Far)

Evangelist Franklin Graham, one of Donald Trump‘s most vocal Christian defenders, said on MSNBC today that he wasn’t aware of a single time Trump purposely lied while in office.

I guess he missed all 8,158 lies that Trump told during his first two years in office…

During an interview, anchor Craig Melvin threw Graham what should have been a softball question: How did he reconcile his support for Trump with the supposed Christian value of truth? He could’ve easily said Trump was deeply flawed, but white evangelicals elected him to fight for their policy preferences, and he’s delivered.

Instead, Graham wouldn’t even accept the reality that Trump is a blatant liar.

MELVIN: … The Washington Post fact-checker… reports that the president of the United States has made 8,158 false or misleading claims in his first two years. How do you reconcile that?

GRAHAM: Well, I don’t know how to reconcile that. Because, I mean, I don’t know how you have… you have a fact-checker for the president, but I don’t know if you have a fact-checker for the media at the same time.

MELVIN: Pastor Graham… you and I both know that this president has said things, over and over again, that are not true.

GRAHAM: No, I don’t know that. I don’t sit around and try to find every fault in the president every day, looking for everything that he might have misspoken or mis-said. I don’t do that.

MELVIN: But you can acknowledge that the president has said things that are not true?

GRAHAM: I don’t think the president is sitting there, behind the desk, trying to make up lies. I don’t believe that for a second. Has he misspoken on something? Sure. All of us do that. You do it and I do it. And sometimes we get the facts wrong and we say something that later on we realize, we could’ve said it better, or it was misrepresented. And so, uh, I think the president is trying to do the best that he can under very difficult circumstances.

Franklin Graham, the man who always has something to say about every political controversy multiple times a day on Facebook, can’t seem to recall a single time Trump has told a deliberate lie… even though the rest of us know Trump makes shit up every time he opens his mouth.

This is what happens when Jesus and political convenience come together to get in the way of reality. You can’t even admit the obvious. Graham (who’s not a pastor) It would destroy your brand, which is to prop up the ignorant and irresponsible in the name of getting conservative justices on the bench.

Graham didn’t believe when Barack Obama said he was a Christian, yet he somehow just accepts everything coming out of Trump’s mouth as gospel — or, at worst, an accidental slip-up.

Graham, like Trump, can’t be trusted. He’s incapable of being honest if it means tarnishing the right-wing brand. He’s using the language of Christianity to shield Trump from criticism and he, along with other evangelical leaders, deserve blame for the actions of this administration.


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