Harris County (TX) GOP Blames “Leftism” for the Holocaust in Now-Deleted Post January 29, 2019

Harris County (TX) GOP Blames “Leftism” for the Holocaust in Now-Deleted Post

The Harris County Republican Party in Texas showed just how ignorant they are of politics and ideologies when they posted a message on Facebook blaming the Holocaust on liberals.

The now-deleted post said, “Leftism kills. In memory of the 6 million Jews lost to Nazi hatred in the name of National Socialism. We will never forget.”

Well, in their defense, they can’t forget something they never learned.

Liberals didn’t cause the Holocaust. Those horrors weren’t perpetrated by the kind of people who oppose anti-Semitism, stand for religious inclusion rather than Christian supremacy, and support civil rights for minority groups today.

So how do they justify their statement?

Vlad Davidiuk, communications director at the Harris County Republican Party, initially declined to comment on the post except to say: “The Nazis identified themselves as National Socialists. The name of the party was the National Socialist Workers party.”

In a follow-up comment, Davidiuk said he’d taken down the post because “we don’t want a statement from us to be a distraction” from remembrances of the six million Jewish people killed in the Holocaust.

“However, that withstanding, history recognizes that the Jews were killed by the Nazis and the Nazis were officially the National Socialist Workers Party,” he added.

Whatever they called themselves, they were undoubtedly a right-wing party. Leave it to Republicans to hear the word “Socialist” and assume it’s the equivalent of today’s Democratic Party. If they actually gave a damn about the mass atrocities committed several decades ago, maybe they should speak up against a president who separates kids from their parents out of sheer cruelty and who claimed there were “fine people on both sides” of the Charlottesville protest.

Rather than doing anything meaningful to honor the memories of those who lost their lives during World War II, the Republicans just took an ignorant cheap shot at those on the left. That’s what happens when your understanding of history is so meager, you don’t realize you’re the modern version of the very people you condemn.

(Thanks to Brian for the link)

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