Ex-Muslim Sherif Gaber Needs Your Help to Escape from Egypt Before It’s Too Late January 29, 2019

Ex-Muslim Sherif Gaber Needs Your Help to Escape from Egypt Before It’s Too Late

Sherif Gaber is the Egyptian atheist who was first arrested in 2013 for posting about his conversion out of Islam. He ran away before authorities could put him in jail and then continued making YouTube videos from an undisclosed location.

There was a blasphemy charge filed against him last March. Sherif said he might get arrested again… which is exactly what happened the next month. He sent a message to his fans saying the police had captured him… though days later, he tweeted that he was free again.

That doesn’t mean he’s safe, though. Since his arrest, Sherif has been living hotel room to hotel room, always having to watch his back out of fear someone might kill him. He uploaded a new video last July, but as he explains in the video, someone messaged him saying they knew where he was living. It freaked him out even if part of him believed it was just a troll.

Then he planned to roam around Europe, perhaps starting in Lebanon and working his way around after that, but even that plan had problems. Because he’s been arrested, he doesn’t have a clean record, which makes it difficult to move around without creating all kinds of red flags. He kept hitting snags until, finally, he found that the only way he could get out was giving up his Egyptian citizenship and finding a permanent home somewhere else.

That’s what he’s planning to do.

Turn on the subtitles and watch this:

As he explains, he needs financial help in a specific way. If you want to pitch in to help him out, you can do so here.

It takes a lot of courage to do what he’s doing. Wherever he’s at, I hope he’s safe.

(Portions of this article were published earlier)

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