A Christian Group is Fasting for the Removal of Trump from the White House January 29, 2019

A Christian Group is Fasting for the Removal of Trump from the White House

It’s not often you hear about progressive-minded Christians fasting for a cause, but the House Church for Black Men and Families is doing just that — for the purpose of removing Donald Trump from the White House.

In an email press release, the group’s leader explained why he was doing this:

“We began to get email from furloughed employees requesting temporary work from our church,” says Jomo Johnson, the pastor of the church. “When combined with Trump’s immigration policy, response to Charlottesville, and his treatment of minority congressmen and military families, I believe that Trump meets the qualification of the Biblical proverb, “When the righteous thrive, the people rejoice; when the wicked rule, the people groan.”

The church is seeking both the religious and non-religious to join in with them in their time of fasting and prayer. A local meetup group has started online along with a online petition/fasting schedule for those committing to dedicate time to abstain from food and pray for impeachment or resignation. Johnson, who went on a hunger strike for suicide awareness last year via NBC, has already set apart two days a week for this cause. The church hope the fast will serve three purposes.

  • Hasten the resignation or impeachment of Trump.
  • Seek repentance from Evangelicals and Christians who supported Donald Trump.
  • Help unite both the non-religious and religious under the banner of justice to help those harmed by Trump’s policies.

As much as I’m all for their goals, fasting and prayer won’t help achieve any of these goals. Robert Mueller is not calling for you to go hungry. And even if following a fasting schedule somehow made life more difficult for Trump, his other Christian followers would likely write it off as “fake news” and insist that Trump is just a target of persecution from the Godless Left.

Johnson’s heart is in the right place but his stomach needs some help. But no one should be following his lead when it comes to activism. There are better ways to achieve justice, get Trump out of the White House, and get more progressives in the government. None of them involve skipping breakfast.

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