Virginia Senate Passes Bill Allowing Guns in Church (Because God’s Not Enough) January 28, 2019

Virginia Senate Passes Bill Allowing Guns in Church (Because God’s Not Enough)

The Virginia State Senate passed a bill this week allowing citizens to bring their guns to church.

Because when it’s their lives on the line, thoughts and prayers suddenly seem useless. So does trusting God, apparently.

The bill passed on a strict party-line vote, 21-19. Republicans also hold a 51-49 edge in the State House, but a similar measure died there last year. Democratic Governor Ralph Northam also said he would veto last year’s bill, though he hasn’t commented on the current proposal.

Before the vote, the Senate engaged in an extended debate. Republicans argued that individual churches should decide if they want guns in their pews, while Democrats warned that worshippers could wind up victimized with their own guns. Then came a spin-off debate over Spruill’s claim that worshipping while armed belies a lack of faith.

“We … foolishly took prayer out of schools … and now we want to take God out of church,” [Democratic Sen. Lionell] Spruill said. “If there’s anywhere you can trust God, it should be the church. Let’s depend on God on this one. Let’s not take God out of church.”

He’s wrong about anyone taking prayer out of schools, but he’s right to call out the GOP’s hypocrisy. They want everyone to pray… unless they think they’re in real danger, in which case, God becomes unreliable.

This is bound to backfire the moment someone in the pews hears a noise he wasn’t expecting and decides he wants to be a hero. Or maybe the idea of armed Muslims in mosques will scare Republicans enough that they decide to vote against this ridiculous bill. More guns don’t lead to more safety. Everyone seems to know this except conservatives in the U.S.

If it passes, though, Christians may have created another reason for people to skip church. Might as well stay home where it’s safer.

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