Christian Group Slams POM Juice Ad Featuring Woman With “Perfect” Sex Life January 24, 2019

Christian Group Slams POM Juice Ad Featuring Woman With “Perfect” Sex Life

Because there just aren’t enough legitimate things to be afraid of anymore, the evangelical Christian group One Million Moms (Twitter count: 3,611) is now targeting pomegranate juice as a danger to kids.


Because a commercial for POM Wonderful features a woman doing yoga and… that’s it. Just yoga. (Like a typical heathen.)

The ad features the woman and her “worry monster,” who’s upset because she doesn’t seem to have any worries. Everything is going just great in her life. Including her sex life. Thanks a lot, POM!

“As Julie’s Worry Monster, I couldn’t wait for her 50th birthday,” the monster says. “But instead of worrying, she does yoga and drinks POM. I thought we’d have more girls’ nights reading the internet about diseases we could have. Don’t even get me started on her sex life. It’s perfect!

As if that isn’t disgusting enough, the description the company posted on YouTube reads: “Julie got healthy and started drinking POM Wonderful. Now her Worry Monster’s worried about what’s gotten into her.”

This vile commercial is airing during prime time when children are likely watching television. POM should be ashamed! When this type of commercial airs too early in the evening, family viewing time is ruined. Can you imagine what goes through the mind of a child when they see this ad?

What will children think? They’ll think the monster is purple and adorable and stretching is fun. (As for her sex life, which she’s apparently not allowed to have at age 50? I doubt any children will even hear the line, much less consider it the focal point of this commercial.)

It’s sad that a reaction that ought to be satire actually isn’t, though I had to do a few double-takes to be sure.

As LGBTQ Nation points out, OMM’s campaigns almost never work. They’ll complain about a low rated TV show, then take credit when that show goes off the air. They’ll likely take credit for this ad, too, whenever it’s done rotating through its cycle.

One Million Mom’s nonstop antics have made it the laughingstock of the religious right groups, but this may be a new low for them. Companies that they have previously targeted have not suffered any consequences from Cole’s online histrionics.

If anything, OMM just contributes to a Streisand Effect every time it calls attention to ads most people would never have noticed. I wouldn’t be surprised if POM and other OMM targets receive a boost in sales as a result of the (very meager) attention.

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