Karen Pence Inspired an #ExposeChristianSchools Horror Story Hashtag January 20, 2019

Karen Pence Inspired an #ExposeChristianSchools Horror Story Hashtag

With Second Lady Karen Pence working at an anti-LGBTQ Christian school, it’s a good time to shine a spotlight on what students actually learn at these private schools. Sure, many of them never understand evolution and get a warped understanding of sex, but how bad can it really get?

The hashtag #ExposeChristianSchools, started by “Exvangelical” Christopher Stroop, offers a disturbing look at what many former students are saying.

There are more than 20,000 tweets where those came from.

To be fair, some of them are positive. Some people are using the hashtag to share good experiences they had at these places… which is kind of shouting #NotAllChristianSchools. No one’s saying every school is like this, but the problem is pervasive enough that literally thousands of people have similar horror stories to share. People like Pence’s defenders should listen instead of interrupting. Maybe they’d finally learn something useful.

(Thanks to Sue for the link)

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