Public School Officials Are Hinting at Possible Field Trips to Ark Encounter January 17, 2019

Public School Officials Are Hinting at Possible Field Trips to Ark Encounter

Creationist Ken Ham has been on a mission lately to get public schools to take field trips to Ark Encounter, insisting that doing so wouldn’t be a violation of the law. It’s educational, he says, as if the whole religious aspect to Noah’s Ark is merely incidental.

After the Freedom From Religion Foundation sent over 1,000 letters to public schools warning them against going there, Ham countered by offering free admission to Ark Encounter for schools taking these trips… which sounds nice until you realize the districts would likely face costly lawsuits for promoting Christianity and violating the Establishment Clause.

Evangelist Franklin Graham jumped onboard the sinking ship this week with a Facebook post urging school administrators to take Ham “up on the offer.”

Also amazing? How some administrators have suggested they’ll do just that.

Without going into detail, they’re saying they’ll be the courageous Christian martyrs who dare to break the law (and rot the minds of public school children).

Whether those schools actually go through with it remains to be seen. But by bragging about it online, they’re making a lot easier to know who to watch. They’re basically shouting from the rooftops their intention to take students to a Christian theme park. These screenshots will undoubtedly come in handy if they’re ever taken to court.

(Thanks to Dan for the link)

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