An Atheist and a Baptist Minister Are Promoting (Actual) Religious Freedom in FL January 17, 2019

An Atheist and a Baptist Minister Are Promoting (Actual) Religious Freedom in FL

Wednesday was National Religious Freedom Day, and next month, an atheist and a Baptist minister are coming together to host a Summit on Religious Freedom in Orlando.

To promote the event, Pastor Danny de Armas of First Baptist Orlando and David Williamson of the Central Florida Freethought Community took part in a discussion for the Orlando Sentinel in which they discussed church/state separation, a recent bill to require Bible classes in Florida schools, and whether they can find common ground.

The brief video (which can be seen here) is definitely worth a watch. The full podcast with their discussion is below.

“If all I’m doing is fighting for religious freedom to practice my faith, it’s just authority that I’m looking for, not freedom,” said Danny de Armas, First Baptist Orlando senior associate pastor. “If I really believe in religious liberty, I’m advocating for somebody to be able to practice their faith who believe differently than me.”

That’s a perspective we don’t hear nearly enough from religious leaders. For more information on the religious freedom summit, and to register for the free event, go here.

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