Christian Tells SC Lawmakers Not to Hang “Evil” Photo of Female Legislators January 16, 2019

Christian Tells SC Lawmakers Not to Hang “Evil” Photo of Female Legislators

South Carolina’s legislature, like so many other ones in the country, consists mostly of men. There are only 23 women, roughly 16% of the total. One way to change that in the future is to celebrate the women who are there right now in a way that might inspire other women to run for office in the future.

That’s why there’s currently a push to put up a picture of members of the General Assembly’s Women’s Caucus in a prominent place. Current state law actually prohibits “additional monuments” on the State House grounds, so there’s some question about how they can change the rules or go around them, but this shouldn’t be a complicated request.

At least it wasn’t complicated… until a local Christian leader spoke to the State House Committee yesterday.

Columbia Christians for Life director Steve Lefemine argued that women are unfit for public office because something something the Bible. Even South Carolina legislators thought he went too far in pushing his faith and ranting against “destructive and evil” feminism.

Just as Lefemine began to explain Tuesday why the “Biblical doctrine of the headship of man disqualifies a woman from civil office,” state Rep. Russell Ott interrupted.

The Calhoun Democrat said he also is a Christian but has found nothing in the Bible that “backs up anything that you are saying.”

“I don’t think this committee or the people behind you deserve to have to sit there and listen to that,” Ott said, moving to put a one-minute cap on Lefemine’s remaining testimony.

Rep. Ann Thayer, R-Anderson, the only woman on the committee, told Lefemine that female legislators feel called to their positions, and that some pray before taking them.

“We are heirs to the kingdom, and being heirs to the kingdom, that makes us all equal,” she said. “Ladies, we can’t let things like this stand in our way.”

Lefemine also read from what appears to be this document titled, “The Feminism of the Mothers is the Destruction of the Daughters.”

It’s primarily anti-abortion and condemns divorce, daycare, working women, military women, and shameless hussies (“How many feminists ­pro-aborts ­do you know who dress modestly?”). It also tells women they must “delight in being keepers at home.”

No wonder it didn’t sit well with women who decided to do something different with their lives.

Still, for now, there’s a rule that prevents the picture from going up in the State House, so Lefemine can sleep soundly knowing that even if there are a few women in the legislature, some people won’t know about it anytime soon.

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