Christian “Prophet”: Obama and Clinton Are Already in Jail “in the Spirit” January 11, 2019

Christian “Prophet”: Obama and Clinton Are Already in Jail “in the Spirit”

“Firefighter prophet” Mark Taylor, the subject of the film The Trump Prophecy, said in November that a “red tsunami” had occurred on election night… even though Republicans lost 40 seats and their majority in the House.

Now he’s claiming that the leaders of the “Deep State” — Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama — are in jail. In his mind. For treason. (Don’t worry, though. They’ll be in real jail soon enough!)

He made the comments on “The MC Files” program this week:

“These are criminals,” Taylor said. “These guys are not patriots. They have committed treasonous acts and they’re going to go down.”

“The Lord said, ‘Justice is coming,’” he added. “This is what people have to stand on. Justice is coming. God has said that the Clintons were going to go down, Obama was going to go down. It doesn’t matter how long it takes. The bottom line is it has been spoken, it has been decreed, it’s done and over with. It’s already happened in the spirit, now it just has to manifest in the natural. So people just need to sit back and relax and get your popcorn. Watch the show, folks.”

Got that? In spirit, Obama and Clinton are in prison. But in real life, it’ll just take a little longer. (Huh. That’s the same way I feel about Donald Trump.)

Who knew the spiritual world was full of angels wearing MAGA hats?

(via Right Wing Watch)

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