Murder Suspect Tells Judge, “I’ll Chop Anyone Up Who Disrespects Jesus Christ” January 9, 2019

Murder Suspect Tells Judge, “I’ll Chop Anyone Up Who Disrespects Jesus Christ”

In a disturbing story out of Utica, New York, 29-year-old Naythen Aubain has been charged with murdering and chopping up the bodies of his 90-year-old grandmother and 87-year-old landlord. During his arraignment, he repeatedly told the judge, “I’ll chop anyone up who disrespects Jesus Christ.”

When walking into his arraignment Tuesday, he was asked why he allegedly committed the crime, and he replied with “in the name of Jesus Christ.”

According to the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision, Aubain previously served five years in prison, from 2008 to 2013 for robbery, and while in prison, he was convicted of promoting prison contraband for possessing metal weapons. He is currently on parole until 2020.

I’ll go out on a limb and say Jesus would not approve of cold-blooded murder on His behalf.

There’s no official indication Aubain has a mental disorder, though the district attorney believes that’s the case.

We don’t know anything else about Aubain’s religious beliefs — or even if his grandmother and landlord were not believers. I hope a court can figure out if his religion instigated the murders, if it was merely the excuse he’s using to rationalize them, or if it genuinely played no role in the matter whatsoever because of any mental illness.

(Thanks to Marcy for the link)

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