Former Bush Speechwriter Says Pro-Trump Christians “Hired Their Own Goliath” January 9, 2019

Former Bush Speechwriter Says Pro-Trump Christians “Hired Their Own Goliath”

One of George W. Bush‘s former speechwriters has taken to the Washington Post to criticize Christians who still support Donald Trump despite the president’s increasingly un-Jesus-like policies.

Michael Gerson reminds us that God empowered David, not Goliath, in the Bible, yet white evangelicals are wrongly supporting the side of brute force and ignorance.

Headed into a possible impeachment battle, the most ethically challenged president of modern times — prone to cruelty, bigotry, vanity, adultery and serial deception — is depending on religiously conservative voters for his political survival. And, so far, it is not a bad bet.

In this case, there is also a predictable political cost. The employment of an unethical, racist, anti-immigrant, misogynist Giant is not likely to play well with women, minorities and young people, who are likely to equate conservative religion with prejudice for decades to come.

Continued support of Trump, warns Gerson, will cost evangelicals their hard-won influence as a moral guide.

At this point, it may be tempting to roll your eyes at the repetition: Trump isn’t a True Christian™. People who support him aren’t True Christians™ either. True Christian™ wouldn’t be this cruel. Etc. We all know that arguments involving No True Scotsman accusations don’t really go anywhere and the denominational in-fighting merely serves as one more reason why so many people are glad to be done with the whole religion thing altogether.

Still, I’m glad that pieces like these continue to be written. Trump won’t be president forever, but the internet will be around long after his time in office ends. There will forever be a record of how white evangelicals promoted all the things they railed against when a Democrat was in the White House. Christians in years past have tried to argue that they were unanimously against slavery, genocide, and other crimes against humanity. We know better than that. And, for anyone willing to look, the hypocrisy of the Religious Right has never been more clear. Sooner or later, they will reap the consequences.

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