Because of Shutdown, Ben Carson Can’t Fly to Missouri for a Prayer Breakfast January 9, 2019

Because of Shutdown, Ben Carson Can’t Fly to Missouri for a Prayer Breakfast

One of the effects of the Republican Party’s government shutdown is that the Department of Housing and Urban Development won’t be paying for Secretary Ben Carson to fly to Missouri and be the keynote speaker at the governor’s prayer breakfast this Thursday.

A spokesman for the U.S. Department Housing and Urban Development said Wednesday that the agency could not pay for the secretary’s travel to Missouri because of the shutdown.

Carson had been scheduled as the main speaker Thursday for the Missouri governor’s annual prayer breakfast.

It raises an important question: Why the hell were American taxpayers funding Carson’s trip to Missouri so he could promote Christianity?

This speech presumably had no political significance outside of a Trump administration official shoring up the conservative Christian base, and while the site doesn’t explicitly say the event is for Christians only, there are no non-Christian speakers.

In any case, Carson won’t be there. I guess he can sit in Washington and spend more time not doing his job.

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