Christian Activist Too Toxic for the GOP Will Run for City Council in Colorado January 8, 2019

Christian Activist Too Toxic for the GOP Will Run for City Council in Colorado

Christian activist Gordon Klingenschmitt won a seat in the Colorado House of Representatives in 2014 because… well, voters are dumb. There’s no way they knew who they were voting for (despite plenty of warning signs). That became obvious in 2015 when State Rep. Klingenschmitt responded to a brutal crime with no empathy whatsoever.

A pregnant woman was attacked by a stranger who literally cut her baby out of the womb. That man took that dead baby to a hospital and claimed the woman had a miscarriage.

Klingenschmitt’s response was that the crime was God’s punishment for permitting abortion (“not protecting innocent children in the womb”). Pregnant women being “ripped open” was just part of God’s plan. (He’s so “pro-life,” he didn’t give a damn about the attack on the woman.)

For a while, there was bipartisan unity in denouncing his statement. Even the head of the state’s GOP said Klingenschmitt “does not represent the Colorado Republican Party.”

Klingenschmitt didn’t resign, though. He lost a committee assignment, but he kept his seat.

In 2016, he ran for state senate but lost in the primary to another conservative Christian who knew when to keep his mouth shut about God’s punishment.

Last year, he ran in a local race to become the vice chair of the El Paso County GOP… and still lost. This time, he earned only 30% of the vote.

So naturally, he assumes this is all part of God’s plan to get him back into public office in a different way. He just announced in a letter to potential donors that he’ll be running for City Council in Colorado Springs.

His letter is light on the Christian hate-speech though it does include a rhetorical question: “Why are they taxing churches as commercial entities and calling it a fee?” Otherwise, his campaign website is just a bulletin board of right-wing talking points.

Klingenschmitt is so awful at politics, even Republicans want nothing to do with him. Hopefully, people in Colorado Springs realize that and avoid the mistake voters made in 2014 when they sent him to the State Capitol.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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