Christian Ministry Urges People to “Marry the Bible This Year” January 4, 2019

Christian Ministry Urges People to “Marry the Bible This Year”

Desiring God, the ministry of author and preacher John Piper, is known for posting provocative tweets. But this one stood out among the usual bunch for just how weird it sounded.

Read the Bible. Memorize the Bible. Speak the Bible. Submit to the Bible. Love the Bible. Marry the Bible this year.

Er, “Marry the Bible”? The same way Catholic nuns “marry” Jesus? It’s like kids taunted the ministry’s leaders by saying, “If you like the Bible so much, why don’t you marry it?” and they took the advice to heart.

Granted, this is only a symbolic marriage that Piper is talking about, but you have to admit, it’s a little odd to endorse “marrying” a book — or even using that language — when groups like this routinely demonize same-sex marriage. In some cases, they only use that word “marriage” in quotation marks because they say it’s not real marriage. That nuance is absent in this tweet.

Beyond that, the message also smacks of idolatry, which one pastor railed against in an online post for the website… oh. I see.

Desiring God appears to belong to the denomination of Christianity that treats the Bible as a fourth member of the Trinity.

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