Man Posing as Priest Tried Scamming Victims via Text Message December 31, 2018

Man Posing as Priest Tried Scamming Victims via Text Message

St. Jude Church in Blairstown, New Jersey is a real place. Father Ronald L. Jandernoa is the real pastor there. And the church really is holding a fundraiser asking members to donate gift cards.

Which is why it’s disturbing that a scammer apparently texted people, claiming to be Jandernoa, requesting people buy hundreds of dollars worth of iTunes gift cards — for kids with cancer — and text him pictures of the PIN number on the back.

It’s hard to believe someone had the ability to text message, yet not the ability to buy the gift cards online himself… but at least someone picked up on the potential scam and informed police.

People should be alert. These things are easy to catch. If a real pastor wants your money, he’ll just invite you to church.

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