Muslims Worked a Soup Kitchen on Christmas Eve to Give Christians the Day Off December 27, 2018

Muslims Worked a Soup Kitchen on Christmas Eve to Give Christians the Day Off

In a gesture of goodwill and human decency, a group of Muslims in Detroit volunteered at a Christian church’s soup kitchen on Christmas Eve so the usual volunteers could take time off for the holiday.

Volunteers served up meals at the soup kitchen inside St. Peter’s Episcopal Church. On Christmas Eve, many of the usual volunteers have other obligations, which is why Muslim volunteers from Mercy-USA for Aid and Development stepped up to lend a hand.

“We’re alleviating volunteers who would normally like to celebrate the holidays,” said Kayla Botelho.

They helped out by distributing canned goods and preparing and serving a meal to about 200 people.

As many atheists will tell you, this time of year isn’t just for religious celebrations. It’s also a time to reflect on the things that are truly important in life: family, friends, health, wealth, and all that. And for the Muslims in this case, because this isn’t a holy time of year for them, they figured they could help out the people for whom it is.

It’s a kind gesture at a time when these types of tories seem so rare. It’s also another example of what “Make America Great Again” actually looks like in practice.

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