California Man Celebrates Intact Nativity Set After Fire That Killed 86 People December 25, 2018

California Man Celebrates Intact Nativity Set After Fire That Killed 86 People

A man who lost nearly everything in the Camp Fire in California is rejoicing that a Nativity scene was left undamaged when he returned to the property.

Matt Wedin and his mother lost their home in Paradise during the Camp fire.

Like thousands of residents, they were forced to evacuate the area, with the fire incinerating everything to ashes.

Weeks later, Wedin was allowed to return to Paradise but what he found in the rubble was something of a Christmas miracle.

“In the garage, I sifted through the ashes and mud, the only thing I found fully in tact was the nativity scene,” said Wedin. “The roof collapsed, the foundation, but that was in the garage and next to it was a metal table saw fully rusted and broke. It is incredible.”

The porcelain nativity scene was a family heirloom and had been owned by the family since Wedin was a boy.

Wedin didn’t have anything to say about why his God would choose to save a Nativity set when He could have saved the whole house instead… or just stopped the fires in the first place.

I can understand how someone in a devastating situation might grasp at anything that will provide some hope and comfort. I genuinely feel bad for him.

Still, if anyone thinks God was sending a sign by leaving the Nativity scene relatively unharmed, keep in mind that at least 86 people died in the fire and there was an estimated $10 billion worth of damage done.

There are far better ways for God to send a sign to show He cares.

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