Some Christians Are Mad at Mattel for Considering Same-Sex Wedding Dolls December 21, 2018

Some Christians Are Mad at Mattel for Considering Same-Sex Wedding Dolls

Mattel, the company that produces Barbie dolls, has plans to meet with a gay couple to create a same-sex wedding set. The move comes after Nick Caprio and Matt Jacobi couldn’t find a same-sex doll set for Jacobi’s 8-year-old niece, then lobbied Mattel to diversify their iconic products. The meeting is set to take place this week.

Predictably, this has caused outrage among evangelicals who can’t help but worry about the children.

Here’s how LifeSiteNews spun the story — note the quotation marks around “wedding,” as if it’s only make-believe.

Homosexual celebrations could be coming to toy aisles nationwide soon if Barbie manufacturer Mattel accepts a proposal to produce sets of same-sex “wedding” dolls.

“Lefty types seem to have an obsession with molding the kiddos to do their bidding. It’s kind of disturbing, really,” Corey Stallings lamented at Louder with Crowder, also taking aim at the couple’s notion of making a birthday present for the niece about them.

Way to make the gift all about yourself, chief. Maybe for Christmas I’ll follow suit and give everyone a stocking full of guitar strings, handgun ammo, and beef jerky,” Stallings wrote. “You know, things I like. I’ll top them all off with a picture of myself.”

Or… maybe they just want the niece to see other representations of their marriage through a toy she enjoys. (I take it he doesn’t have the same complaint when straight parents give Ken and Barbie to their kids…)

Mattel wouldn’t be forcing anything on families, either, because parents could still choose whether or not to purchase the products.

Say a non-prayer for the angry conservatives who must be exhausted trying to keep up with all the companies they can no longer support because they’re trying to be inclusive.

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