Breitbart Editor: Sarah Huckabee Sanders Should Open Press Briefings With Prayer December 21, 2018

Breitbart Editor: Sarah Huckabee Sanders Should Open Press Briefings With Prayer

Joel B. Pollak, Senior Editor-at-Large at Breitbart, says that there’s not nearly enough God in government, so he wants Sarah Huckabee Sanders to open every press briefing with a Christian prayer.

In the first press briefing of the new year, as the administration confronts a new, divided Congress, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders could step to the podium and offer a simple, ecumenical prayer — something like the following:

O Lord, our God — we pray: Bless the President and First Lady of the United States; bless the men and women of the armed forces; bless the members of the press corps and their families. Guide our deliberations today in a spirit of unity, that we may, together, inform the citizens of this Republic. We thank you for the life You give us every day, and for the liberty You have bestowed upon each of us. We will now observe a moment of reflection. Amen.

That prayer — call it the “Prayer of the Press Secretary” — could then become a permanent fixture in the routine of White House press conferences.

Sure. There’s nothing more Christian than Sanders praying to God for the strength to lie about how many children seeking asylum were killed by this Republican administration.

Pollak’s argument is that we have invocations in Congress, so there’s nothing illegal about it, and it would unite everybody.

Some of the journalists in the room would, no doubt, be uncomfortable, at least at first. But the prayer would create a new tone in the room — one of humility, and of unity. It would remind the media, the White House staff, and the public, that despite the back-and-forth, we are all on the same side.

As such, the positive impact of the prayer would not remain confined to the briefing room, but would radiate to the nation as a whole.

I guess when your entire right-wing brand assumes Christians are the only people who matter, you don’t really care what Jews and atheists and Muslims and other non-Christians would think about your prayer.

The appeal to God would also be a reminder that this Republican administration is unable to get anything tangible and useful done. Why not offer thoughts and prayers? It’s the first resort of people who have nothing useful to contribute.

But you know what? This is fine. Go for it. The more we can link this administration’s steady stream of lies with Christianity, the better for the rest of us. No one should ever think about white evangelicals without being reminded of Donald Trump. His hypocrisies need to be their hypocrisies. His ignorance of reality must be theirs. Let’s remind the world that the majority of white evangelicals supported Trump and have never left his side — while the rest of us either knew better to begin with or moved in that direction when his flaws became even more obvious.

When it comes down to it, not much would change if this proposal were adopted. Pollak wants Sanders to begin every briefing with a prayer, but the reporters already end each briefing by saying, “Jesus H. Christ.”

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