An Aviation Ministry Plans to Launch the First Ever Christian Airline December 20, 2018

An Aviation Ministry Plans to Launch the First Ever Christian Airline

A “non-profit aviation ministry” called Judah 1 is all set to launch the first (and only) Christian airline. (Because even in the air, they want to remain in a bubble…)

Actually, the plane (singular) is designed for Christians traveling to various places around the world for missionary trips. And the CEO insists your luggage won’t get lost. The victims people they meet will receive their Bibles!

While Christian customers can expect to pay competitive ticket prices with Judah 1, [founder and CEO Everett] Aaron is assuring his potential customer base that they will no longer have to worry about baggage fees and travel hazards like lost luggage.

Sometimes, according to Aaron, missionary cargo like Bibles have been known to get stolen as well.

“Even the Bibles. I found out Bibles are one of the largest black market items in the world. People steal Bibles and sell them,” he said.

He explained that the ministry’s MD 80 aircraft carries about 2,000 pounds of cargo and several Boeing 767s they plan to introduce once they are approved will carry 30,000 tons of cargo.

The plan for Judah1 is to have a fleet of 20 aircraft over the next five years.

Will Jesus be the co-pilot?

Is the in-flight magazine replaced with Christianity Today?

Will the seat belt demonstration will be replaced by flight attendants who just fold their hands together in prayer…?

And how is this the first Christian airline when everyone who flies Spirit Airlines always seems to be praying? (I kid, I kid…)

David Cary Hart, writing at Slowly Boiled Frog, notes that there are more serious issues with this airline. For example, he says the ministry hasn’t filed a tax return since 2015. And in 2015, things weren’t looking so good:

… according to that 2015 return they had an unsecured loan of $1.2 million against assets of $91 thousand. The organization was insolvent. Who would want to fly on an airline that has no money and cannot organize a tax return?

Those are good questions. (You can read the 2015 tax return here.)

I suspect as this airline receives more scrutiny, they’ll have to explain the discrepancies and address the concerns… or maybe they’ll just cry “persecution” and avoid it all.

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