With Your Help, Foundation Beyond Belief Could Expand Its Humanist Philanthropy December 17, 2018

With Your Help, Foundation Beyond Belief Could Expand Its Humanist Philanthropy

This is a guest post by Dale McGowan, the founder of Foundation Beyond Belief.

January 1 marks nine years since Foundation Beyond Belief opened its doors as a systematic giving program for the nonreligious and a new humanist presence in philanthropy.

The first quarter, our donors gave $12,025 to our featured charities, and we had some nice coverage in the New York Times.

As the giving program grew, other opportunities became clear beyond financial giving. We built three new programs — supporting local volunteer teams, launching a disaster recovery program, and creating the first international humanist service corps.

Soraya Muriel and Jorge Pantoja of Proyecto Matria in Puerto Rico, recipients of a $25,000 FBB disaster recovery grant after Hurricane Maria.

We’re now heading into our 10th year with $2.8 million to date in grants to more than 120 charitable organizations, 150 volunteer teams across the U.S., and a growing track record of on-the-ground deployments for disaster recovery in the U.S. and international service in Ghana.

Now it’s time to scale it up.

Our plan for 2019 is to significantly grow our programs and profile, giving compassionate humanism higher visibility and effectiveness than ever before.

To do that, we need your help.

Our Annual Appeal each December raises funds for FBB itself and has a huge impact on what we can do the following year. The planned expansion will require more staff hours, more tech support, more advertising, more resources of every kind — all with the transparency that has been a hallmark of our work.

Your tax-deductible donations during this Annual Appeal can make 2019 the best year yet for Foundation Beyond Belief and for humanist philanthropy. Thanks for giving what you can!

Click to give to FBB’s 2018 Annual Appeal

(Disclosure: Hemant used to be the chair of Foundation Beyond Belief)

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