Baptist Leader: Donald Trump Has Proven His Moral Worth in His Third Marriage December 17, 2018

Baptist Leader: Donald Trump Has Proven His Moral Worth in His Third Marriage

The way Christian Right leaders continue to defend Donald Trump, despite mountains of evidence revealing his incompetence, corruptness, and cruelty, is really becoming comical.

Speaking on TheDove TV’s “Focus Today” program recently, Southern Evangelical Seminary President Richard Land explained that Trump was a “genetic marvel” because he’s working with virtually no sleep. We apparently disagree on the definition of “working.”

He also claimed Trump was “more moral” than Hillary Clinton. So we also disagree on the definition of “moral.”

But it was a different comment that showed just how hypocritical white evangelicals are when it comes to this president.

Land went on to assert that evangelical Christians continue to support Trump despite his adulterous and generally unseemly past because “he’s a very different man than he was five or ten years ago. He’s a very different man morally, he’s a very different man spiritually. I think the nature of his third marriage is one that Christians would be much more comfortable with.

Ah yes. After having five kids with three women, and after paying one porn star and another Playboy model to keep silent about his affairs with them (which took place after his third marriage), Trump finally has the morality thing down.

At this rate, by his fifth marriage, they’ll think he’s sinless.

By the way, I don’t recall Land ever giving this much praise to Barack Obama, a Christian who’s been married to the same woman for more than 25 years and was untouched by scandals about his marriage during his presidency. I wonder why. Obama could’ve looked at another woman a certain way, and people like Land would’ve accused him of adultery. It just shows you how white evangelicals have different standards of morality depending on a person’s political affiliation.

Land, a former president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, “retired” from that position in 2013 after making racist remarks about Trayvon Martin and getting caught plagiarizing his columns.

So he’s really an expert on all things morality.

(via Right Wing Watch. Featured image via YouTube)

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