Wendy’s Stores in Parts of Puerto Rico Are Using Explicitly Christian Cups December 14, 2018

Wendy’s Stores in Parts of Puerto Rico Are Using Explicitly Christian Cups

Someone at Wendy’s must have heard Joshua Feuerstein whine about Starbucks’ cups not being Jesus-y enough, because a reader in Dorado, Puerto Rico said she received a cup that was explicitly Christian.

The Wendy’s cup features a full-blown Nativity scene with Joseph, Mary, Jesus, and the Three Wise Men.

So what gives? Is Wendy’s going the way of Chick-fil-A and In-N-Out Burger, with not-so-subtle religious messages on their packaging? Not exactly. A spokesperson for the organization told me yesterday that the cup is “in support of a local children’s hospital charity” and “only used in that region.”

Apparently, the name of the charity is on the cup, but it’s not visible in the photos above. The reader told me it said “Hospital Del Nino de Puerto Rico,” which is indeed a children’s hospital. There’s no indication on the hospital’s website, however, that it’s a religious one. That makes it even stranger why a holiday cup for charity would be Christian-specific.

Interesting marketing strategy, though, to celebrate only one religion’s traditions like that. No one has complained about the cups, to my knowledge, but I suspect if they let this slide, it won’t be long before some Christians try to make this design spread.

Think about that the next time you order a Frosty.

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