Judge Tosses Out Josh Duggar’s Lawsuit Against Cops Who Leaked Molestation Files December 12, 2018

Judge Tosses Out Josh Duggar’s Lawsuit Against Cops Who Leaked Molestation Files

According to RadarOnline, disgraced Christian reality TV star Josh Duggar has lost a lawsuit against officials in his home state of Arkansas, whom he claimed violated his privacy by releasing the personal documents that exposed his molestation scandal.

Mind you, the reason Duggar is disgraced in the first place is because those documents revealed that he molested several of his sisters and a babysitter.

People have a right to know that there’s a predator in their midst, and that’s why the judge wasn’t convinced that Duggar’s privacy had been breached.

In the shocking suit, Josh claimed he suffered from “emotional distress.”

Poor baby. You know what’s worse than having everyone you know find out you’re a child molester? Actually being molested.

The judge wasn’t buying his logic either.

“Josh Duggar notes that he has a ‘certain level of celebrity’ and that he engaged in public life,” the judge wrote in his ruling. “Yet he claims that by appearing in a popular reality television series, being a leader in national, political, and civic organizations, and engaging in public speaking, he somehow was conducting himself in a manner consistent with an expectation of privacy.”

The judge in the case also issued a public ruling and declared that Josh waited way too long to appeal the initial ruling. He wrote that the Arkansas Rules of Civil Procedure for the Plaintiff to respond had already passed without Josh filing a response. So, he dismissed the case with prejudice.

It’s not often that we see famous people of privilege held to any sensible standard of justice. Duggar is not owed any sense of privacy regarding his crimes, much less pity for what he’s done. It’s good to see that the courts aren’t buying his excuses.

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