GOP Congressman-Elect Falsely Blames Autism on Vaccines, Claims Fraud at the CDC December 12, 2018

GOP Congressman-Elect Falsely Blames Autism on Vaccines, Claims Fraud at the CDC

Republican Mark Green was once Donald Trump‘s nominee for Secretary of the Army… until the public learned about his anti-LGBTQ history and he walked away from the position. For example, he told a Tea Party gathering in 2016 that he agreed with psychiatrists about how “transgender is a disease.” (Psychiatrists don’t say that.) He also pushed legislation in his home state of Tennessee that would’ve forbidden government institutions (like public universities) from refusing to work with groups that discriminate against LGBTQ people. He also pushed for anti-trans “bathroom bills” under the guise of protecting women and children.

Oh, and he opposed a Medicaid expansion in Tennessee because he thought it would bring people closer to his God.

He’s just a despicable human being.

So naturally Republicans elected him to the House… where he’s already making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

During a town hall meeting in Franklin, Green told a woman whose son is autistic that he would be doing her a favor by getting to the truth about vaccines.

“Let me say this about autism,” Green said. “I have committed to people in my community, up in Montgomery County, to stand on the CDC’s desk and get the real data on vaccines. Because there is some concern that the rise in autism is the result of the preservatives that are in our vaccines.

As a physician, I can make that argument and I can look at it academically and make the argument against the CDC, if they really want to engage me on it,” Green said.

Being a medical doctor doesn’t make you smart. (Just look at Ben Carson.) Professional organizations representing physicians have all condemned the kind of science ignorance that suggests a link between autism and vaccines. Literally no research suggests there’s a connection.

Green added that the CDC was clearly part of a larger conspiracy.

At the town hall, Green emphasized that he would make it a priority to “stand against” what he believes may be the CDC withholding information on vaccine research.

“But it appears some of that data has been, honestly, maybe fraudulently managed,” Green said. “So we’ve got to go up there and stand against that and make sure we get that fixed, that issue addressed.”

He later said he supported parents vaccinating their kids, and that he had done so with his own daughters, but kept up the charade that there was a valid argument to be made against vaccine efficacy. This guy doesn’t deserve to keep his medical license, much less be in charge of making decisions about science and public health. Which means, in due time, Republicans will surely elevate him to a subcommittee on science.

(Screenshot via YouTube)

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