Dave Daubenmire: My Podcast Gives You a Daily Dose of “Christian Testosterone” December 10, 2018

Dave Daubenmire: My Podcast Gives You a Daily Dose of “Christian Testosterone”

Right-wing Christian activist Dave Daubenmire recent promoted his daily podcast by telling readers at BarbWire that it offers a dose of “Christian testosterone.” And if you don’t want his Christian manliness rubbing off on you, you need help.

For those of you who may not be aware, I host an internet podcast five days a week. It is a live, interactive program where we are training men, and some women, to grow some hair upon their chests. Those who join the show believe that Christian testosterone is a good thing. That is something that is sorely missing from the girlie men filling most of America’s pulpits.

If you are sick of milquetoast Christianity we invite you to join our Huddle. We have been doing the show for nearly three years and listeners are being challenged to a more active Christianity. Fighting evil is not a spectator sport and we challenge the listeners to “get in the game.”

Worst. Pep talk. Ever.

Listeners aren’t being challenged. They’re just being yelled at by a bigot who argues things like ugly women become lesbians because they can’t attract men, that women who flirt with men before saying they don’t want sex are the real abusers, and that Hurricane Harvey was God’s punishment for Houston having a lesbian mayor.

It’s not courageous to be a bigot. It’s cowardly. Courage is standing up to that hate — especially within your own tribe. Daubenmire has no idea how to do that, much less teach it.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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