Seminary President Blames School’s Accreditation Problems on Satan December 8, 2018

Seminary President Blames School’s Accreditation Problems on Satan

Pastor and Master’s University and Seminary president John MacArthur is convinced that the probation of his school by an accrediting agency is nothing more than an attack by Satan — because, obviously.

Not only that, but students need to literally shut up about it.

A Nov. 29 report from the Chronicle of Higher Education published an audio recording of an hourlong sermon from August wherein the 79-year-old Reformed pastor told the student body that their accreditor’s actions amounted to an effort “orchestrated, if not by humans, by Satan himself.”

MacArthur also told students not to ask questions about the accreditation issues, they had no right to learn the details, and that it was not their responsibility.

“There are things that God hates, right?” he said, referencing Proverbs 6. “One of them is the one who stirs up strife,” he said, urging students to keep their complaints within the university and seminary.

“Keep your mouth shut,” MacArthur told them.

Has silence ever been a good idea when coming from the mouth of a religious leader? Why tell people to keep quiet if there’s nothing to hide? (What’s Satan got on you, MacArthur?) If God exists, you could argue He wouldn’t want Christians lying about their school’s accreditation status. Not having that accreditation could make it difficult, if not impossible, for students to transfer schools or have their diplomas “count” down the road.

The Chronicle of Higher Education said the accreditation report [from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges’ Senior College and University Commission] showed that while the schools were doing some things right, it also accused Master’s of being “an insular and oppressive institution where loyalty to the president and his church has sometimes trumped both academic and financial concerns.”

The reviewers’ analyses and criticisms were unusually pointed, describing “a pervasive climate of fear, intimidation, bullying and uncertainty” at TMS and TMU.

Fear? Intimidation? Bullying? Oppressive? I can’t imagine how on earth anyone would get that impression… And if you have an answer, MacArthur probably wants you to shut up, too.

Keep in mind that this is about the same person who is on record saying that if you’re not offending people, you’re doing Christianity wrong.

Sure tells you a lot about his character.

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