AR State Sen. Jason Rapert Briefly Kicked Off Twitter for Anti-Muslim Tweet December 8, 2018

AR State Sen. Jason Rapert Briefly Kicked Off Twitter for Anti-Muslim Tweet

The Twitter account for Arkansas State Senator Jason Rapert, who believes religious freedom applies only to Christians, was temporarily locked after he whined about how Muslims were elected as state and federal representatives.

The (now deleted) statement in question noted that “95% of Muslim voters participated in this year’s midterm election” before asking, “Do you want them ruling everything in America?”

Setting aside the blatant bigotry for a moment, the comment doesn’t even make sense. When a large percentage of a relatively small group votes, they’re not “ruling everything” by any stretch of the imagination. These aren’t actual concerns. They’re just a form of evangelical Christian ghost stories.

So why was Rapert mad? Because he assumes that all Muslims are radical extremists hell-bent on destroying America. It’s just that simple. His brain can’t comprehend any more nuance than that. It’s a FOX News kind of mentality that treats everyone as either 100% with you or a traitor to the country.

Rapert doesn’t want to see Muslims in the legislature because he assumes (wrongly) that they want to pass Sharia law and he’s the hero that’s going to save us all. But his fear isn’t just limited to Muslims. He’d be equally freaked out if atheists were elected. Hell, he’d be upset if progressive Christians were elected. He really only wants to see clones of himself in government; anything less is downright blasphemous.

When someone called him out on his hate, he didn’t help himself with the response:

He later went on Facebook Live and admitted that Twitter shut down his account for 12 hours as a result of his initial tweet.

In a statement to a local news network, Rapert made this statement:

I simply shared a news article, quoted a sentence from the article and asked a question to solicit feedback. There is absolutely nothing wrong about that. That is not uncommon or unusual. I share information with others every day. As a political leader, I discuss issues that are important to our community, state and nation. At no time did I say anything disparaging about Muslims, even though I absolutely disagree with some of their beliefs including teachings that have led others to commit terrorist acts against innocent people in the name of Islam. Just ask the parents of Private Andy Long who was shot and killed by a self proclaimed radical Islamic jihadist in Little Rock just a few years ago. I passed “Andy’s Law” recently in the Legislature in honor of Private Andy Long.

I also disagree with the two new Muslim members of Congress who have targeted Jews in Israel by supporting the anti-Semitic BDS policy which seeks to punish Israel with financial sanctions. Arkansas passed legislation to prevent BDS from being used in our state and to refuse business with any entity actively boycotting the nation of Israel.

Part of this controversy is linked to the fact that democrats, the Council on America Muslim Relations CAIR and other liberal groups are outraged that we are organizing the National Association of Christian Lawmakers — they absolutely oppose this effort and want to silence me. I will not allow intimidation by anyone or any organization to deter me from pursuing policy positions and public actions that are within my purview as an elected state senator and public servant.”

As usual, he sees all of this as persecution against himself. He suggested that having Muslims in public office was itself a problem and then he used the backlash to build up his imaginary claims of persecution.

This is the same guy who wants politicians across the country to join his “Christian lawmakers” group — because it’s okay for legislation to be based on the Bible, but it’s not okay for a legislator to even take an oath on a Qur’an.

Christian bigotry has never been so obvious.

When the Twitter ban was lifted, he resumed sending out tweets praising himself as the hero he imagines he is.

The irony is that Rapert is a guy who has never cared about facts or the law. Yet he thinks he alone — certainly not those brown people — is a champion of both. (Remember: Some of Rapert’s own atheist constituents are currently suing him for blocking them on social media.)

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