Christian Radio Host: Fighting Injustice Doesn’t Appear Anywhere in the Bible December 7, 2018

Christian Radio Host: Fighting Injustice Doesn’t Appear Anywhere in the Bible

Todd Friel, a Christian radio host, posted on Twitter recently that there is no biblical mandate for social justice — things like fighting for civil rights and equality — because the very concept is not mentioned anywhere in the Bible.

You know, condemning slavery isn’t in the Ten Commandments, either, but I don’t think Christians want to be judged on sins of omission…

For all of the Bible’s problematic content, though, even non-Christians seem to be aware that this claim is completely ridiculous. Not only is the concept of helping other people seen throughout the book, the story of Jesus is all about helping the poor and downtrodden while condemning the rich? What is that if not fighting for social justice?

Thankfully, Twitter did not disappoint as people took him to task:

Religious critics often say religious people pick and choose which parts of the Bible they want to follow. In this case, Friel shows us that they also pick and choose which parts to ignore.

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