Online Christian “School” Offers Apocalypse Doctorate for $2,240 December 6, 2018

Online Christian “School” Offers Apocalypse Doctorate for $2,240

We found it: the least useful degree anyone could possibly get.

The online-only Luder-Wycliffe School of Eschatology is now offering a doctorate in End Times Prophecy (a.k.a. the “Apocalypse Degree”)

Because getting a masters in bullshit is for losers.

No Seminary in the world offers the Doctor of Eschatology except Luder-Wycliffe Theological Seminary. We are it! We have made history with this degree program, and now it is offered exclusively by us. This degree program is extremely comprehensive and rigorous…but worth every minute of study. You the student will be of the very first in the entire world to earn this prestigious degree.

Before you spend $2,240 on the degree, consider the following:

  • If the world ends, your degree will be useless.
  • If the world does not end, your degree will be useless.
  • What the hell does a doctoral thesis look like in this program considering the entire field is about evidence-free speculation?
  • The school has no accreditation from a credible source. Will your course credits transfer anywhere else? The schools says that’s “quite unpredictable.”
  • It feels safe to assume that the thesis will have to be written in ALL CAPS.
  • The testimonials on the school’s website consist of one guy (“Peter Packer”) who has no picture and says the same vague thing every time you scroll through the list.
  • There’s nothing you’ll get from a doctorate in this subject that you won’t get by reading a Left Behind book and buying a bucket of whatever glop Jim Bakker is selling.

It’s a fictional degree from a fictional school for a fictional topic.

The only thing more embarrassing than getting this degree would be somehow failing out of the program after paying for it. But if you’re desperate for a diploma, you can just buy one here. After all, “Luder Wycliffe offers some of the most beautiful seminary diploma [sic] in the world!”

(via Joe. My. God. Screenshot via Vimeo)

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