Missionary John Allen Chau Shouldn’t Have Been Living Out the “Great Commission” December 5, 2018

Missionary John Allen Chau Shouldn’t Have Been Living Out the “Great Commission”

My colleague Bob Seidensticker, who’s great at responding to Christian apologists and their faulty arguments, has a strong case for why ignorant missionary John Allen Chau never should have tried preaching at the North Sentinelese (who subsequently and fatally shot him with arrows).

Christians defending Chau’s actions constantly cite the Great Commission, the command from Jesus to spread His teachings everywhere. But Seidensticker says this whole mentality is wrong. Here’s a glimpse at his first point:

1. Jesus wasn’t talking to you.

Jesus said, “Go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19), but he was speaking to his disciples. Don’t flatter yourself — you’re not Luke or Peter or John.

Some might assume Jesus had more in mind. After all, he had to be thinking about who would carry on the evangelical task. Who would take up the challenge in the next generation and the next? The answer: nobody. Jesus wasn’t thinking about Christian evangelism centuries in the future. He saw the end within the lifetimes of his hearers.

There are several more reasons where that one came from; you can check them out here.

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