Even Christians Can Make Jokes About Ark Encounter December 3, 2018

Even Christians Can Make Jokes About Ark Encounter

Comedian John Crist recently visited Ark Encounter and put together this compilation of his visit, full of glorious one-liners. At one point, he jokes about an exhibit, “Goodness, this is like a Christian homeschool Make-a-Wish.”

My favorite thing that I hadn’t known about before was that there’s a “Severe weather shelter area” sign on the boat. (How’s that for irony?)

Crist’s comedy is tailored to a Christian audience, but it’s amusing that his jokes are right in line with what many atheists have said after visiting the Ark themselves. I genuinely wonder if Ken Ham will be pleasantly amused by the video, as he should be, or if he treats it as a form of persecution.

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