Bryan Fischer: Dinosaurs Went Extinct Because Plants Died Out After Noah’s Flood November 28, 2018

Bryan Fischer: Dinosaurs Went Extinct Because Plants Died Out After Noah’s Flood

The American Family Association’s radio host Bryan Fischer gave listeners an education on how dinosaurs went extinct during yesterday’s episode of his “Focal Point” show.

It wasn’t the right education… but it supported his view that the Flintstones is a documentary, with humans and dinosaurs living in harmony with each other.

“I have no hesitation in saying this because I do not doubt the word of God,” Fischer said, “that man coexisted with dinosaurs. Now, people will tell me I’m a neanderthal, I’m a Cro-Magnon, this is superstition, this is an old wive’s tale; I don’t care because my trust and confidence is in the word of God. So that word of God indicates that we walked the earth with dinosaurs.

Fischer asserted that “you had little tiny dinosaurs on the Ark,” but they didn’t survive after the flood receded because all of the vegetation had been destroyed.

“When these giant dinosaurs, who were what? They were vegetarians, they were herbivores,” he said. “Now, the Tyrannosaurus was obviously a carnivore, with the kind of teeth it had, but what’s it going to eat? It has to eat herbivores, right? What else is there to eat?”

“If all of the vegetation is wiped out, what are the [herbivores] going to eat?” Fischer asked, rhetorically. “So they die out. They just literally starve to death and the Tyrannosauruses don’t have anything to eat, so they starve to death.”

So the plants died out, which led to the extinction of herbivore dinosaurs, which led to the extinction of carnivorous dinosaurs.

But if all the plants were wiped out… what about all the other herbivores that still exist today? Kyle Mantyla at Right Wing Watch asks:

If a lack of vegetation following the flood caused these small, young herbivore dinos to starve and die off, then what did other herbivores like goats, sheep, deer, camels, giraffes, horses, rabbits, elephants, and kangaroos eat?

Also, all of this seems like something God should’ve worked out much earlier in His master plan…

And this is just assuming Fischer’s underlying assumptions are right. They’re not. There was approximately a 65-million-year gap between the extinction of dinosaurs and the rise of our own species. Not that a neanderthal like Fischer would ever accept that.

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