AR State Sen. Urges Elected Officials to Join His “Christian Lawmakers” Group November 27, 2018

AR State Sen. Urges Elected Officials to Join His “Christian Lawmakers” Group

Last night, in an email sent to literally thousands of state legislators across the country, Arkansas State Sen. Jason Rapert invited everyone to join a new organization called the “National Association of Christian Lawmakers.” I guess maybe with an organization, some Christians will finally get elected in this country…

Rapert says the group will formally launch in 2019 with a goal of addressing “legislative issues from a Judeo-Christian worldview.”

It’s something he’s an expert in since his reputation for years has been using his government position to advance his personal religion. He’s the guy who illegally installed a Ten Commandments monument outside the Arkansas State Capitol — a move that’s the subject of an ongoing lawsuit.

He has also threatened to shoot people who approach him in public with a question, whined about Target’s trans-inclusive bathroom policy, and blamed Secular Humanists for the “moral decline” of America.

Now he wants to create a bunch of legislators just like himself.

My goal is to organize the National Association of Christian Lawmakers to be a functioning legislative organization that has a leadership structure populated by Christian lawmakers on committees from the local, state and federal level. The concept is that we would debate and discuss issues and formulate model statutes, ordinances and resolutions based upon a Biblical worldview for introduction in cities, counties, states and nationally at the federal level.

Let’s be clear: He’s not trying to advance legislation to help the poor or stop the suffering associated with mass shootings. (That’s what prayers are for.) He’s only interested in passing legislation that allows Christians to get away with things they would never accept coming from Muslims or atheists.

He wants to ban abortion and same-sex marriage — he highlights those two issues specifically — because he thinks the Bible condemns both. He neglects the fact that banning abortion will only lead to a rise in unsafe abortions and that a combination of comprehensive sex education and freely available contraception will do more to prevent abortions than conservative legislation ever will. He also doesn’t give a damn that same-sex marriage is legal and nothing bad has happened as a result of it. He just doesn’t like it, therefore he wants to make sure gay couples can’t have the same rights as him.

I have no clue why you’d want to take First Amendment advice from a guy who’s been repeatedly sued for violating the First Amendment. But Rapert even cites the lawsuits as evidence that this group is necessary:

I personally know what it is like to take a stand and become a target of those in our nation who want to squelch religious liberty and religious speech in the public square. Currently, I am the only known state legislator to actively have a federal lawsuit filed directly against them by the American Atheists.

I have also been targeted by the Satanic Temple, American Humanists [sic], the Freedom From Religion Foundation and Planned Parenthood over the years as well. I know what it is to fight for what is right and I want to ensure that other conservative Christian leaders are properly equipped to withstand the harassment tactics of the extreme Left which are meant to wear Christian leaders down in the public arena.

Good god. They’re not going after Rapert because he’s Christian. They’re going after him because he constantly breaks the law.

Rapert assumes he’s a martyr when he’s really just incompetent.

And then just to convince anyone who might be on the fence, Rapert plays his biggest hand:

The time is now to take a stand before our Judeo-Christian foundation is forever lost in the nation. Newsweek recently reported on the recent trend of declining Christianity and the rise of the occult in our nation publishing this dire warning:


The witches are coming! So let’s pass some illegal legislation before it’s too late!

This group is an opponent’s campaign ad waiting to happen for anyone who joins it. We already have Christian legislators. As the saying goes, when they took their oath, they put a hand on the Bible and swore to uphold the Constitution, not the other way around. We don’t need elected officials who confuse a holy book with actual laws, and if they’re taking legislative advice from the Bible instead of their constituents, they should quit and become preachers instead of wasting space in state capitols.

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