Catholic Cardinal Blames Sex Scandals on “Moral Depravity” of Gay People November 24, 2018

Catholic Cardinal Blames Sex Scandals on “Moral Depravity” of Gay People

What caused the sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church? According to Cardinal Gerhard Müller, a former leader responsible for overseeing doctrinal issues (who was dismissed from the position last year without reason), the answer is simple: Gay people and atheists.

In an interview with right-wing publication LifeSiteNews, Müller explained how disgraced Cardinal Theodore McCarrick infected the Church before stating that he doesn’t even believe gay people exist.

That McCarrick, together with his clan and a homosexual network, was able to wreak havoc in a mafia-like manner in the Church is connected with the underestimation of the moral depravity of homosexual acts among adults.

In my view, there do not exist homosexual men or even priests. God has created the human being as man and woman. But there can be men and women with disordered passions. Sexual communion has its place exclusively in the marriage between a man and a woman. Outside, there is only fornication and abuse of sexuality, both either with persons of the opposite sex, or in the unnatural intensification of sin with persons of the same sex. Only he who has learned to control himself fulfills also the moral precondition for the reception of priestly ordination

So being gay is a disorder… that just happens to infect whichever priests make the Church look bad. Very convenient.

But how did the Church even begin to talk about LGBTQ inclusion as if that’s a good thing? That’s where atheists apparently come into the picture.

The LGBT ideology is based upon a false anthropology which denies God as the Creator. Since it is in principle atheistic or perhaps has only to do with a Christian concept of God at the margins, it has no place in Church documents. This is an example of the creeping influence of atheism in the Church, which has been responsible for the crisis of the Church for half a century.

Hell no. Don’t blame us. This is a problem that the Church created through its irrational rules and lack of oversight. If atheists influenced the Church, then the pope owes us a debt of gratitude since Catholics can’t seem to do much right on their own these days.

It’s telling how these orthodox priests refuse to accept any responsibility for what’s been happening within the Church for decades. They’re quick to blame homosexuality when raping children and consensual sex with someone of the same gender are two completely different issues. The Church may think they’re both sins on an equal playing field, but reasonable people understand the difference.

The problem isn’t that the Church has been corrupted by outside forces. It’s that the Church was never all that great to begin with and their policies finally caught up with them in the worst possible ways. What the Church needs more than anything are believers who can propose sensible changes that protect children, not lifetime leaders who contributed to the very system that needs to be dismantled.

(via The Advocate. Screenshot via YouTube)

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