10-Year-OId Muslim Girl Receives Note in School Saying “You’re a Terrorist” November 22, 2018

10-Year-OId Muslim Girl Receives Note in School Saying “You’re a Terrorist”

A ten-year-old Muslim student in Boston found a disturbing handwritten message in her cubby saying “You’re a terrorist.” And that was only one of the threats.

On Tuesday, the student found a second threatening note: “I will kill you.”

Neither the fifth-grader who received the notes nor the other students at the school are thought to be in imminent danger, Framingham School District Superintendent Robert Tremblay said in a news conference on Wednesday. “Safety is our priority,” he said.

In addition to the police investigation, the school district is conducting a separate internal investigation, Tremblay said.

The school appears to be handling the situation the best way it can, but we’re left to wonder who would do this and why. If it was, in fact, a student, what are the odds that he or she learned anti-Islamic rhetoric at home?

That culprit is also wildly misguided when it comes to who’s really a threat in this country. In the past several years alone, more Americans have died at the hands of white men with guns (and a history of domestic violence) than from radical Muslims seeking to hurt innocent people.

(Image via WBZ)

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