How Many of These #ChristianAltFacts Did You Learn Growing Up? November 17, 2018

How Many of These #ChristianAltFacts Did You Learn Growing Up?

Blogger and professor Christopher Stroop has devoted much of his work to exposing the toxic underbelly of the fundamentalist Christian Right.

In a blog post from last year, he shared his motivation behind the hashtag #ChristianAltFacts:

On Friday morning, I coined the hashtag #ChristianAltFacts (Christian alternative facts) toward the end of a thread reflecting on Christopher Douglas’s analysis of the religious origins of America’s fake news problem (for more on which, click here):

In recent days, that hashtag has gone viral. People have been sharing “alt facts” they were taught by their parents and pastors growing up:

The threads are both therapeutic and triggering for those who grew up fundamentalist and are still processing through the things they were taught. The #exvangelical Twitter community is a good place to start for healing.

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