These Mormons Didn’t Realize Their Bishops’ Sexual Questions Were Inappropriate November 16, 2018

These Mormons Didn’t Realize Their Bishops’ Sexual Questions Were Inappropriate

For a while now, we’ve been posting about what’s referred to as “Mormon Masturbation Interviews.” These “worthiness interviews” are meant to be discussions between LDS bishops and kids about their religious testimonies, attendance at Church, and obedience to religious rules… but in many cases, they’ve been discussions about the kids’ sex lives.

Did they touch themselves? Had they had sex with someone of the same gender? Did they orgasm? How often? In what positions?

This wasn’t about adherence to chastity. This was just a bunch of perverts asking kids for the details of their sex lives under the guise of pleasing Heavenly Father.

Former bishop Sam Young was recently excommunicated simply for calling the Church out on this practice and urging for them to put a stop to it.

On the latest episode of This American Life, producer (and ex-Mormon) Elna Baker spoke about her own experiences dealing with those questions. She didn’t realize just how intrusive they were until much later in life when she began talking about it with other women who experienced the same things.

It’s a really devastating segment, especially if you’re not familiar with the story. The segment isn’t embeddable, but you can listen to it right here.

(Image via Shutterstock¿. Portions of this article were published earlier)

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