I.C.E. Raids Nativity Scheme in Comedy Special Protesting Family Separation November 15, 2018

I.C.E. Raids Nativity Scheme in Comedy Special Protesting Family Separation

Comedian Samantha Bee is teasing her new Christmas special, which will benefit families that have been separated at the border, by showing I.C.E. agents raiding a nativity scene with Jesus. It’s a way for her show Full Frontal to protest the way families seeking asylum are treated at the border by raising money for reunification efforts. Bee said on Twitter that Christmas is a time for “ALL families to be together.

Bee goes on to mock the border wall and Melania Trump‘s odd Christmas display, as well as Trump’s immigration plan (if you can even call it that). But it’s I.C.E. agents raiding the manger that’s the subject of conservative wrath.

It's pretty funny.

To be sure, the comparison makes sense because Mary was, in many ways, a refugee. She needed a place to give birth to Jesus, but she was in a foreign land, and no one wanted to help. Eventually, as the story goes, someone gave them shelter in a manger.

That backdrop is lost on the folks at FaithWire. It also piqued the attention of FOX News darling Tomi Lahren, who claimed it was an example of “When Libs try to use the Bible to justify illegal immigration.”

I may be biased, but I liked this response from my own group, People of Reason and Progress (PORP):

Lahren is really exposing a hypocrisy that is far too common among Christians. They love their Nativity scenes, but they hate it when critics point out that the biblical message runs counter to the Trump administration’s actions on immigration.

Bee had the right idea with the preview, and she also wasn’t wrong to say that, if nothing else, the show is a “festive reminder that the we fucked over thousands of immigrants and we still haven’t fixed it.”

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