Pastor Creflo Dollar: Pay for My Bible Study to Access God’s Free Words November 14, 2018

Pastor Creflo Dollar: Pay for My Bible Study to Access God’s Free Words

Pastor Creflo Dollar, who once asked his congregation for $65 million so he could buy a private jet, now wants you to pay for his online Bible Study courses so you can get rich.

Or, as he puts it, take his classes so you, too, can make regular withdrawals from “God’s bank account.”

Here’s his pitch for the $19/month Bible curriculum:

… Let’s use an example you all are familiar with. You have a bank account. A need arises, so you access the funds in that account to pay a bill, pay for dinner, or to purchase something nice for yourself. We know in order to access the account, you need a couple of things. You either need the bank account information or the bank card. Without the account information or the bank card, you will not be able to access the funds contained within it.

So many of us are living our lives with unmet needs, although God has already freely given us access to his heavenly accountant to make those withdrawals.

God gave the information away for free, but Dollar needs dollars and you need access to that (free) knowledge!

It’s so on point for a televangelist to turn God into a wealthy man who just wants to help people financially… but only if you pay up first. This guy would sell subscriptions to Wikipedia if he thought he could get away with it.

That message also completely ignores the fact that some people barely make enough to cover basic necessities like food, housing, and health care. They get by with the support of a local community. People in poverty don’t have the ability to splurge on something “nice” for themselves because God says they can.

But Dollar still thinks they can pay him a couple hundred dollars extra a year (in addition to tithe money, I presume) for information he’s supposed to be teaching them through his sermons, anyway.

There are plenty of free Bible studies online. They offer a wealth of information on context and interpretation. Good luck finding any clips of Dollar pointing his followers to those resources. Why bother, when they’re willing to fork over their money to fund his extravagant lifestyle?

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